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Fully Automated Welding Systems

KITO U.S.A. has assembled a strong team of professionals in Lexington with design and production engineering skills to work for our clients, fulfilling our corporate commitment to quality assurance. Customer satisfaction is at the core of all that we do.

This system is designed for welding automotive frame bodies and main bodies. This is a line-style, fully automated welding system designed for flexibility, particularly critical as automobile manufacturers make design changes routinely.


Semi-Automated Welding Systems

Given its experience with building outstanding products through the years, KITO U.S.A. has delivered hundreds of machine systems in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. KITO U.S.A. has built an excellent reputation for its entire line of products, including Body Welding Systems. As a premier robotic welding system manufacturer in North America, we provide systems of automation equipment for automotive frame body welding.

A welding system smaller than the system set up in fully automated line, most typically it is used to produce medium-sized components comprised of small components welded together.


Operator-Driven Welding Systems

KITO U.S.A. works closely with automotive manufacturers to meet their challenges of increasing productivity through production line efficiency and stability. We construct body welding systems to exacting standards with exquisite precision that meets our customers' expectations and withstands the pressure of high-volume production. Our depth of experience has enabled us to deliver the essentials of high quality and affordability to our clients.

This system creates smaller components that are welded together prior to the mid-sized, semi-automatic process. After operator placement, each component is welded robotically at low cost and with high precision.