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About Us

At KITO U.S.A., we self-describe by saying “The auto-maker builds the cars. We build the machines that build the car.” We do this by providing TOTAL service from 3D design, fabrication, machining, mechanical assembly, electrical controls, to plant side integration. We offer follow-through with accuracy measurements, inspections and trouble shooting. We can also support a company's existing system with specialized machining and assembly and we can work with companies to create components for which they lack manufacturing capacity.

KITO U.S.A. employs an outstanding team that is highly credentialed to do our work, building a reputation for being the best of the best in our field.  We are great at what we do because we commit to providing a work environment that employees find energizing and satisfying.  KITO U.S.A.'s guiding principals include:

  • •      We are customer oriented.
  • •      We assure that our products are of the utmost quality.
  • •      We are cost competitive while never sacrificing quality.
  • •      We commit to always being cost competitive.


We apply the concept of Kaizen to everything we do. We are dedicated to continuous improvement of all functions, involving all team members from the President to the Associates. We take great pride that our entire team is constantly pursuing excellence.

At KITO U.S.A. we live by what we call KITOism, the “Harmonies of Ideas and People” that commits to utilizing technical knowledge and experience in a manner that respects the environment and society and exceeds public expectations.