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The KITO U.S.A. Fabrication Department provides complete custom metal fabrication to meet the high tolerances our clients' equipment requirements. Working from your sketch or specification, we meet our client’s demands while using materials of the best quality. Our vast technological knowledge and experience enables KITO to fabricate to exacting standards, contributing to cost-reduction of our customer's products.

Much of the fabrication work at KITO is done with MIG welding. One of the key advantages to using MIG welding for fabrication is its capability to join most types of metals. We also have water jet cutting capabilities during the fabrication stage, thus eliminating the problem of some materials sensitivity to high temperatures and in meeting very tight tolerances and angles of individual pieces.  Consistent with the KITO philosophy of quality assurance, the KITO press brake can make bends with incredible accuracy and consistency.

We place the goals of our clients at the forefront of our Fabrication Department, resulting in a product that will meet your expectations as you create your signature product.