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The Design Department at KITO U.S.A. works diligently with our clients to create automotive machining systems that meet our clients' vision and goals for automotive manufacturing.  KITO has the capacity for creating new systems and for modifying current systems, contingent on the specific needs of our clients. Our talented design team works to establish a great working relationship that draws upon the expertise of our clients as well as our own decades of experience.

KITO U.S.A. uses cutting-edge software for our design phase. Intricate CAD design, from concept to 3D modeling, will provide you with the ability to see your company's product as it is being built. We employ software that is up to the design task, including AutoDesk Inventor, AutoCad and Delmia C3.

Our design capabilities are vast, including mechanical and pneumatic design, single and multi-welder jig design and floor layout for automotive body weld systems.  Our design team loves their work which often includes the opportunity to travel and see equipment, investigate and troubleshoot.

At KITO U.S.A. we are passionate about design for automotive manufacturing equipment systems.