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Electrical Control

The Electrical Department capabilities at KITO USA provide our clients with a variety of services in the manufacturing of their equipment:

  • KITO values our clients, their expertise and their goals and will work side-by-side with our clients to develop an electrical design that will best serve the needs of their equipment.
  • The well-trained, heavily experienced staff at KITO has the skill to expertly wire our customer products.
  • The use of PLC controls provides easily programmable, high-reliability automation controllers that assure a simplified yearly model change-over in the automotive industry.
  • KITO provides carefully planned Robot and Controls integration.
  • The final integration and confirmation of production-ready equipment is backed up with on site support and troubleshooting if needed.

KITO's long history of technological expertise and commitment to excellence has earned KITO a position at the forefront in the industry and our long-term client relationships are a tribute to this culture.