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KITO Corporate History

The story of KITO deserves to be told as it is one of identifying a need, responding to that need and becoming a worldwide player in the industry of automotive machining systems. KITO MACHINE INDUSTRY CO, LTD launched its corporate career with fabrication in Showamachi, Toyota City in 1951.

In its early years, KITO developed the first parts-washing machine. This was followed by the creation of the Toyota Production System, ahead of any other manufacturers. Kazuo Kito, the first President of KITO, went on to become the first Chairman of the EIHOKAI, an association of equipment suppliers to Toyota Motor Corporation. Since Kito, we have had two successive Presidents who have continued to lead KITO through the decades during which our company has received multiple awards for quality, safety and innovation.

KITO's automated body weld equipment and conveyance systems are deployed in several countries, including numerous locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. KITO continues to advance to meet the changing needs of global automakers.  Our manufacturing ideas come together through the expertise of our team members working in close collaboration with automobile manufacturers’ engineers and utilizing the global connections and resources we’ve established over nearly 70 years.

Our corporate philosophy revolves around Key Ideas & Teamwork Organization. Through the decades, KITO has focused on making our company useful to society, a self-reliant organization in which our team members think about their work and contribute to the continuous improvement of our products, always supported by a corporation that recognizes that its endurance through the years is dependent upon a dedicated work force committed to excellence.

KITO recognized early in its history that it operates in an industry of constant change and technology revolution. In order to navigate this complex environment and be successful, KITO has developed the ability to be nimble and constantly evolve. The opening of KITO U.S.A. in Lexington, Kentucky in 1996, in close proximity to Toyota Manufacturing in Georgetown, Kentucky, made perfect sense for both KITO and for the Toyota plant.

Lexington welcomed KITO U.S.A. as a great company to participate in its burgeoning economy. Through the years, KITO U.S.A. has embraced Kentucky and is actively engaged in Commerce Lexington and the Japan/America Society of Kentucky. KITO U.S.A. is a strong corporate citizen and its decision to open its operation in Lexington was good for both KITO and for Lexington.