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KITO U.S.A. has achieved its successes through the years by continuously researching and investing in cutting-edge equipment and materials that enable us to perform at our best for our valued customers.  Our Machining Department is a signature symbol of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our investment in quality includes a number of incredible pieces of equipment for CNC Machining:

  • •      Okuma 5-face gantry with 400x, 2000x and 1000x
  • •      Okuma Captain Lathe with tail stock and 8” chuck
  • •      Toyoda 4 axis pallet
  • •      2 – vertical Mazak
  • •      50-taper CNC Machines

With nearly 25 years of automotive equipment building history in the US, building upon a corporate history in Japan of over 50 years, KITO has utilized its vast technical knowledge to become a premier robotic welding system maker in the US automotive industry.

KITO's machining precision, on-time production and cost-effectiveness, coupled with our team work with customers and robotic teaching to start up production, makes partnering with KITO U.S.A. the ultimate partner for your machining needs.